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Get Evernote Essentials 2.0  

Evernote Essentials second edition is out!

Evernote is an extremely powerful and flexable tool that provides the capability for an individual to capture, manage, find and share their personal information.  But just like any software package, power and flexability often comes with a bit of a price tag.  Often there is a steep learning curve to get over before you get to the point where you truly understand how things work and you can start geting the real value from the package.

Evernote Essentials

While Evernote is very easy and intuitive to use, to get to the real power there is still a learning curve hurdle to get over.  So if you are new to Evernote, I strongly recommend that you get Evernote Essentials . Brett Kelly’s excellent ebook is a great way to get started, and will save you a lot of time.  The ebook will help you quickly get to the point where you can really start getting the most out of Evernote

Although I was mostly self taught, this ebook was one of the resources that I used myself when I began to explore the power of the Evernote platform.  As Evernote has developed repidly it was getting time for an updated version which has now duly arrived.  The book will also provide a useful reference once you really start using Evernote, as it describes a number of use cases and provides a lot tips and tricks.


Thinking of using Evernote? I strongly recommend that if you do you also get Evernote Essentials. Brett Kelly’s excellent ebook is a great way to get started, saving a lot of time. It will quickly get you to the point where you can really start getting the most out of Evernote

Evernote use case for students!

Evernote for students

Evernote have their own excellent blog, which I always read from time to time, as it is an excellent place to pick up tips on using Evernote. This post by high school student Ryan Kessler really caught my eye.  Ryan demonstrates how he uses Evernote as an extremely effective research tool, note taker and organiser for all his school work.

Evernote as a platform

You will note that it is not just the use of the Evernote client that is important to his particular use case. It is how well the client combines via the digital cloud with both the Evernote web client and his Android Evernote app, and how these in turn are used with other useful mobile apps to create a total system. 

This is where the power of Evernote really resides. Evernote is not just a note taking application it is actually a platform for generating effective,  working personal information management systems for all sorts of people, in many different ways.  I plan to explore  this capability more in future posts.

Does Evernote work as a platform for you, or is it just a note taking app?  Add a comment and let me know!




Using Docscanner with Evernote

I have been looking for a solution to allow easy scanning while travelling.  Here I am talking about things like receipts,  business cards and the odd document. Obviously I do not want to carry a scanner about, so I was looking for an app for my iPhone.  In addition I was looking for specific functionality that allowed me to easily move any scanned document to Evernote.

After a bit of research I have decided on Docscanner and my experience with it so far is great. It provides good accurate scans either as a pdf document or as a jpeg image and will let me save the resulting scan direct to my Evernote account.   I can also directly email a scan to any of my email accounts or also again to my Evernote email address.

I haven't fully explored all the possibilities of this tool, especially the OCR, but already out of the box it has given me  what I need. The integration with Evernote works really well.

Anyone else use this app?

Just started using Evernote? Then I strongly recommend that you get Evernote Essentials. Brett Kelly’s excellent ebook is a great way to get started, and will save you a lot of time. It will quickly get you to the point where you can really start getting the most out of Evernote

The Digital Cloud is back!

After a long hiatus I have decided to start to update The Digital Cloud again.   I have always found  that blogging is a state of mind, a habit perhaps, that once you lose the grove it is very difficult to get back.  When this happens a real effort or a perhaps a regained interest in a specific topic is generally required to get going again. 

Today is is a bit about taking action and getting started again, but I have also become really interested in personal information management, and a lot has happened in the tech world in the last year or so, that make this a very interesting area that is worth discussing more.

One piece of technology that I have been using on and off for a long time is Evernote which has recently come of age as a cross platform information store.  It is an extremely useful tool as it stands but what is really driving its potential is the integration with other tools and technologies that are arriving in the digital world. 

This is going to be the main focus over the next coming months.  It feels good to be back!


Data Visualisation using Google Fusion Tables

Google labs released something called Fusion Tables in June which allows people to import and visualise structured data in various ways.  If this data is public data then the resulting visualisations can be shared as a widget which can be embedded in any website as you would do with video.  (see below) 

Fusion tables are also interesting for their approach to creating online public collaborative databases.  With Fusion tables you can merge data with other tables, open and secure parts of your tables and collaborate on data down to the cell level. An interesting potential approach for a lot organisations especially charities or government bodies. Almost a wikki for structured data.  

Google have also recently added an API to allowing one to update and query your dataset in Fusion Tables programmatically.

Below is an example of a animated visualisation of historical production data for a few countries (from the BP statistical review) which I created in about 5 minutes.  Play around with it and I would be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on how visualisations such as this would be applicable to their industry.

Warning! do not select a country and trails when running the animation - this seems to be too much for my browser