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About The Digital Cloud

We live in interesting times with globalisation, rapidly changing technologies, massive growth in digital content and ever changing modes of communication and social interaction. At the heart of all this and acting as a key enabler is the Internet, sometimes referred to as the cloud, or as I like to call it - The Digital Cloud

This site is devoted to observations and discussions about information, digital content, strategies for managing and using information and the technologies that interests me or I believe are set to change the way that we all interact with the world and the people around us.

Information Matters

Information matters - It really does - I would go so far as to say that it is the most important asset a company large or small can have. The information needs of a company are numerous and often based on assets that are unique and irreplaceable. Information is ultimately where the value of a company or organisation comes from and business performance is driven by the ability of a company to leverage its information to make decisions, reduce risk, and innovate. How well is your company creating the capability to manage and leverage its information assets?

Its not just organisations either, its getting personal. IDC has forecast that by 2010, 70% of all information will be created by individuals, photos, videos, podcasts, blogs, discussion forums, etc. A lot of people have an emotional attachment to all this information (in other words it matters to them) and it will all need to be managed!

About the author

My name is Stephen Ashley. I am an experienced IT professional working mainly in the energy industry. I presently work for Maersk Oil in Qatar, where I am responsible for delivering secure and reliable IT services, while looking for oportunities to drive additional value from technology in support of the business strategy.

During my career I have lived and worked in many countries around the world which has given me the fantastic opportunity to experience, enjoy and learn from a variety of cultures. I am a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in technologies and tools that can help the way we manage our lives. All the stuff that has an impact upon how we manage the data, information and interactions that are part of our daily lives.

This includes:

  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Social computing and networking
  • Project Management (keep it as simple as possible, but do it!)
  • Personnel information management tools, tips and strategies
  • Mobile technologies
  • Open source technologies
  • Web < 2.0 stuff
  • Gadgets

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The opinions expressed here are my own personal opinions. Content published here is not read or approved in advance by my employer Maersk Oil and does not necessarily reflect in any way the views and opinions of Maersk Oil. This is my blog, it is not a Maersk blog and as such I do not discuss any of Maersk business, products or services.