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Industrial Control Systems vulnerabilities get increasing recognition

I believe there is a significant role for IT to play here in conjunction with the teams responsible for Industrial systems.  What do you think?


FireEye strengthens its security services

FireEye's acquisition of Mandiant has rightly been causing some noise on both Wall Street and the Net over the last few days.  The consensus being the combination of the two companies will enable it to provide stronger services than in isolation.  

FireEye has differentiated itself in the security market by using technologies that analyses a company’s network traffic looking for anomalous behaviour. This is different to more traditional anti virus software which looks for the signatures of malicious software.  Mandiant on the overhand have focused on the security of endpoints and detecting suspicious behaviour. Combining the two you have a powerful tool for detecting an attack, especially if it is a “zero-day” attack which are the most dangerous kind as anti-virus tools can provide no defence.

If you combine this with the fact that Mandiant have a Incident Response service you have a new company which offers a more complete enterprise service, which is actually very complimentry to the traditional  enterprise anti-virus software packages.

What do you think?



Is it time for a Chief Data Officer?


Peak meetings - A meeting tool for the iPad


Something I have just found after a search as part of a response to many of my colleagues requests for suggestions on which apps they should be using in an office environment for taking notes on their iPads, especially during meetings.  On first try it seems to take a refreshing and inventive approach.  I am going to be piloting myself for a while and if it proves as useful as it promises it will be going on to the recommended apps list.

Anyone had experience of using this app in an enterprise environment?


Slideshark - An enabler of iOS for the business?

Slideshark may be one potential solution for the iPad PowerPoint mess.

IT departments struggle with the confilicting demands of providing access to mobile tools while maintaining some level of regulatory, compliance and information security control.  They also have to deal with a growing number of users who are enabled with these devices but who suddenly find it difficult to present or display Powerpoint slides from their device. They can display but if they want original formating and animations then they are largely disapointed. 

These frustrating users then come to IT for help and it can be very challenging managing this demand and to find the time to evaluate suitable tools. One potentialy solution that I am currently evaluating is SlideShark. This app has big potential for transforming how PowerPoint presetations are used on iOS devices. SlideShark for iPad seems an ideal medium for easy and quick presentations in a conference room, providing a neat and well designed interface. Lots of potential.

However as neat a solution this might be, like many solutions it requires submitting content into the cloud which causes an instant problem and discussion point around information security and the mobility management discussion circle starts again.

Have you used SlideShark? Do you use it in an Enterprise setting? What has your experience been?